It was raining so hard last night during the Azkals–Kuwait match, yet I know it was just freakin’ hot when the team made their way around the oval despite the 2–1 setback. Wouldn’t you agree?

We lost alright, but they’ll never have a goalkeeper as awesome as this guy—Neil Etheridge. Awesome.

Also check out highlights of the first and second half of the Azkals vs. Kuwait game last Thursday at InterAKTV.

  • Vi

    Any other ‘hot’ pictures of Azkals? Razz

  • Hahaha! syet ang tagal kong nahanap yung button na reply without using facebook! Wooot! Finally nakita ko rin!

    astig ang abs! parang totoo! at astig ng pag ka kuha ng picture, parang nasa magazine lng. O__O anong lens gamit u here kuya marrku? Grin

    • markku

      Hahaha, sorry Jehz, I gotta fix that link soon! Razz I think I used the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L for this shot.