A Romantic Kind of Lush

We’ve been wanting to share some photos we took for Teddy Manuel when he transformed The Blue Leaf Events Pavilion into one of the most romantic set-ups we’ve ever seen. Indeed it was love at first sight, and there’s no better day to share it than today—the day of hearts and romance. :)

Romantic setup for the Blue Leaf.

The Silk Pavilion was transformed into a cozy chill–out place, perfect for the guests’ cocktails that preceded the formal reception program.


Among the details worth noting was the amazing ice bar by Cibo:

An amazing ice bar by Cibo.



VIP guests were in canopied long tables adorned with large candelabras and opulent centerpieces:



Just outside, there were inviting cozy day beds for lounging around:



Truly, the ambience was nothing short of amazing.

Happy Valentine’s Day! :D