About Us

Hi! We’re Markku & Hana and you’re here at markkuandhana.com. We’re a real–life “not–married–yet” couple who shoot weddings, aside from a lot of other things we photograph on the sides.

Markku is more known for his personal blog that he’s been irregularly publishing since 1999. He’s been into photography way before digital cameras were easier than film and definitely before they put cameras in mobile phones. For the past few years, he is (and still is) the associate photographer for Mimi & Karl, one of the Philippines’ most sought after wedding photography team, while on the side shooting for magazines, PR campaigns, events, and friends.

Hana used to be a corporate slave doing HR for an IT company, fantasizing about being a photographer in between tasks of monitoring sick/vacation leaves and finding employees who wear rubber shoes on formal work days. She now works as Mimi & Karl’s Studio Manager while being the assistant and the other associate photographer on shoot days.

If you’re wondering about the constant reference to team M+K, it’s because we are also the Mimi & Karl/Fotogra Weddings second team.

We could tell you about our love story but that’s not what you came here for, right? ;)

If there’s anything we can do for you, please feel free to contact us.