Jeff & Edz (Mango Farm)

Even with the dozens of weddings we get to shoot in a year, it is still uncommon to encounter couples that have been together this long—12 years. It seems like the stuff you could only dream about back in high school, yet it is the exact narrative they get to tell us. On their twelfth year together, on the day of their twelfth anniversary, Jeff & Edz immortalized their love story.

Jeff & Edz 01

A union as lasting as theirs perfectly fit the shoes Jeff picked for their special day—a pair of classic Chuck Taylor All–Stars.

Jeff & Edz 02

Jeff & Edz 03

Jeff & Edz 04

I saw something like this only on the web before, but when I saw the groom’s boutonniere, I was amazed how stunning and unique they were. Vatel Manila surely did a great job on them.

Jeff & Edz 05

Edz also crafted a set of of themed necklaces that complemented their wedding day’s rich details.

Jeff & Edz 06

Jeff & Edz 07

Jeff & Edz 08

Jeff & Edz 09

By the time the ceremony commenced, it wasn’t hard to see everyone smiling, perhaps infected by the couple’s radiant grins.

Jeff & Edz 10

But some were crying tears of joy instead, like the Maid of Honor one of their closest friends.

Jeff & Edz 11

Jeff & Edz 12

Jeff & Edz 13

Jeff & Edz 14

Jeff & Edz 15

Shooting weddings is always fun throughout the day, but the couple pictorials after the ceremony is definitely our favorite.

Jeff & Edz 16

It’s a blast when you have to do almost nothing yet smiles and poses just present themselves naturally.

Jeff & Edz 17

Jeff & Edz 18

To complement their little well–wishers’ tree, Jeff & Edz shared their storied history using photos hanging from clothespins, like an outdoor darkroom.

Jeff & Edz 19

Jeff & Edz 20

Jeff & Edz 21

Jeff & Edz 22

Jeff & Edz 23

Jeff & Edz 24

To Jeff & Edz, here’s to more 12 years of togetherness, each one a million times as wonderful as the last!

This wedding was a M+K shoot, hence the M+K watermark ;). These are the associate photographers/second team photos. For Mimi & Karl’s takes, it’s on their blog.

Coordination: Jody Liwanag of Events Experts
Styling: Vatel Manila
Make-up: Madge of Makeup Studio
Video: Threelogy
Catering: K by Cunanan