Nitz & Bek (Nuestra Senora de Gracia, The Glass Garden)


Bek was an officemate in my previous life as an IT professional; she was one of my instructors in training and she eventually became one of my team leads in the project I ended up in. In our training class, she made quite an impression as the most approachable among our instructors and you couldn’t miss her smile that never seems to cease.

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Prenup: Don & Mildred


Don has been my friend since our high school days in Pisay. He’s also the other guitar player in our band Pop Ratio, also known as the greatest OPM band to never get signed. Seriously though, Don’s the cool and laid back guy that wasn’t exactly known for being the chickboy–type, so when Jonas (our vocalist) mentioned that Don was courting this girl from the upper class in their med school, we were surprised with Don’s guts and brazen spirit. We simply thought: it must be true love.

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Hello world, happy new year!

As we begin with the new year, we start a new blog. It’s just nice to finally see the last decade go and usher a new one.

Here’s to a future of happy stories!