Joey & Mae (Wiwaha Chapel, Bali, Indonesia)

If it’s not mad, passionate love, it’s just a waste of time.


It took me quite a while to finally blog about this wedding. With Joey being one of my closest friends, it just seemed like I couldn’t find the right words. It was simply too hard.

So I’ll just quote his wonderful words and let them speak for their blessed union.


Our love will be the love story that everyone will celebrate.



It will be the good news that everyone shares.


It will be the legend that writers immortalize, …


… the ideology that philosophers build on, …



… the standard that everyone follows.


It will transcend space, time, dimensions and realities.


It will be a reminder that love, and everything that comes with it, exists and that it is the one thing that makes this life worth living.


Being witness to Joey’s life stories and lessons, I’ve seen the concept of love in all its gloom and beauty. Yet now, seeing Joey & Mae bask in its glory, it is proclaimed—it is the one thing that makes life worth living.

  • markku, hana! waaaw! maraming maraming salamat sa inyo! kami rin beyond words parin, at natulala sa ganda ng photos! ang hirap lang pumili at baka mapost namin lahat ng 1000+ photos sa fb hehe the best bai! panalo. sa sobrang tuwa namin, ginaya namin site name nyo haha we hope you enjoyed spending time with us in bali as much as we enjoyed having you guys there. kitakits nalang ulit.

    • hana

      Thanks Joey and Mae bai! Grin

      We really enjoyed shooting your wedding. I remember Mae’s speech nung reception nyo when she said you both decided to have the wedding in Bali because you wanted everyone to have wonderful memories of your wedding…and we brought home tons of it Smile We were able to travel to 2 beautiful countries, we gained more friends, and more importantly, we we’re able to witness you pledge your love to each other. yikee! Grin

      We hope to see you guys again…soon! Wink Para ma-meet namin ang bebe nyo Grin

  • Hi Markku,

    Great photos, we love the way you capture the bride and the groom especially at our wedding venue, Wiwaha. We love your work.

    To Joey and Mae,

    Congratulations on your new life together, you both look great together and the photos are amazing.

    Would it be possible for us to use some of your photos for Wiwaha? If it is possible then please let us know.


    Aswin Pranoto
    Public Relations Manager
    Nikko Bali Resort and Spa

    • markku

      Hi Aswin, thanks for dropping by! We had fun shooting at Wiwaha and around Nikko Bali, so much that we hope we’d get the chance to be back there again soon!

      By the way, I also emailed you. Wink

  • Beautiful photos! Wink

    • markku

      Thanks Jingger! Grin

    • thanks for always dropping by our blog, jingger! Grin

  • yen corpuz md

    joey and markku were both my classmates way back in 3rd year high school and im really happy for each of them now, how far they’ve successfully gone with their careers, be in in lovelife or at work Smile

    to joey and mae, congrats on your wedding! with the pictures posted on this site, needless to say you are very much in love. best wishes!

    to markku and hana, i have always been your photo fan and i long for the time when i too, will have my turn as your client Smile


    • markku

      Wow, thanks Doc Yen! Grin So kelan na yung sayo? Wink